State Shipping Regulations for Vapor and CBD Products

Due to state and city regulations, some of our products on may not be eligible to be shipped to your residence. The following list will be updated as new federal and state regulations are enacted. Please view our shipping policy for more information on our shipping practices.

Update: October 21st, 2020


Maine: No Shipping Permitted

Massachusetts: No Flavored Nicotine Vapor Products

New Jersey: No Shipping Permitted

New York: No Nicotine Products

Rhode Island: No Flavored Vapor Products

Utah: No Shipping Permitted

Vermont: No Shipping Permitted

San Francisco, California: No Nicotine Products

All other US states and cities have no vapor product shipping restrictions.


Idaho: No CBD Permitted

Iowa: No CBD Permitted

South Dakota: No CBD Permitted

All other US states and cities have no CBD product shipping restrictions.