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Small and sleek, about the size of a Swiss Multi-tool, the HoneyStick HRB dry herb vaporizer provides smooth, powerful, effective dry herb vaping.
It is simple to use and easy to conceal the HRB heats up rapidly, has 3 temperature settings and provides direct hits with good vapor. The three temperature settings allow you to go from low to medium to high heat levels which really helps you pick a stage where you can taste the dry herb you are vaping. The ceramic oven style bowl will provide you with good amount of storage for your herbs but not so large that it takes a long time to heat up or that the contents wont get vaped effectively or need to get moved around throughout the vaping process. If you want light weight, simplicity, but big money performance the HoneyStick HRB is the dry herb unit for you
Brand HoneyStick
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