Buffered Nicotine (Salts)

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Salt Nic Vape Juice

Salt Nic Vape Juice at Avail VaporSalt Nic Vape Juice, also known as nicotine salts, is vape juice intended for use with low wattage only.

Salt nic is available today at Avail Vapor. Salt Nic Vape Juice is a nicotine salt based e-liquid that is designed for use in pod systems and other low output devices. It is made with nicotine salts, which are known to be smoother on the throat than traditional freebase nicotine. The juice comes in a variety of flavors, including fruity blends and dessert vapes.

How do I use Salt Nic?

Nic Salts are traditionally only used in pod vapes; however, there are also tanks available that can handle Salt Nicotine now. Available typically in 25mg and 50mg, salt nic vape juice is used both by new vapers, as well as seasoned veterans who have vaped for years. Vape salt nic juice today and see the difference! Since salt nic is used at lower wattages, it is more discrete than traditional vape juice; nic salts juice is able to deliver more nicotine with less vapor. For questions about salt nic, stop at an Avail, or call us today! Thanks for looking at Salt Nic Vape Juice at Avail Vapor!