Frequently Asked Questions

Nicotine usage is a personal choice and there are many factors that will determine which level may work best for you. Always listen to your body. However, we do have a general guideline to help get you started. Click here to learn more about choosing the perfect strength for you.

In short, no. Restaurants may or may not allow vaping and local laws may group vaping in with smoking bans. As a courtesy, always ask before you vape. Check out our Vape Friendly page to learn about local shops, restaurants, and venues near our stores that officially allow vaping!

Our pharmacist has done some analysis and accordingly 13 puffs using 1.8% liquid in our starter kits is similar to a full strength cigarette. There are a lot of other factors that can make you need to puff more or less though so the best way to measure is to vape until you feel satisfied.

Each customer has their own needs and their own way to handle cravings. At the end of the day, it is about reducing the amount of chemicals that go into your body, even if it is just one cigarette less.

Just rinse it out under the tap. Take the tank off of the battery and make sure you remove the coil (atomizer head). We do not recommend washing the atomizer heads. When they start to wear out a new coil will work much better than trying to clean out an old one.

Before you charge the battery you should wipe out the connection to get any liquid or dirt out of it and off of the threads on the outside of the battery. Also wipe out the threads in the tank. Dirty threads and contacts can keep the battery from charging well and may reduce the performance of your electronic cigarette. If you end up having built up dirt on your connections you can use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab, just make sure to let it fully dry before using your device. You can clean the outside of your electronic cigarette like you would any other electronic device, with a soft cloth.

The easiest way to know is by the performance and taste. A worn out coil will not give the best flavor, may not produce as much vapor any more, and may start to give a charred or burnt taste. In general, about every 2-4 weeks or 20-40 ml of liquid, whichever comes first is a good rule of thumb. Some people may find they want to change them more often.

That is perfectly normal. The liquid is being heated up until it vaporizes so you are just hearing that process.

There are a few things that can cause these sounds: the tank is too tight on the battery, causing the bottom of the atomizer to compress and block off air flow. The coil is worn out and needs to be changed. A seal or wick is missing. The user is drawing too hard when inhaling. There is a crack in the tank.

It is common to get a drop through the tank once in a while and is not a problem. You do not want to swallow a lot of the liquid and your mouth may be irritated if you get a lot of liquid through the device.

Use paper towels to wipe up as much as you can. If you spill a whole tank or bottle you may have a hard time getting all the liquid cleaned up unless you use rubbing alcohol to help cut it. Make sure to wash you hands well.

After years of testing different products, we have settled on our current selections. The smaller devices on the market that mimic a traditional cigarette have very poor performance. Most people are not satisfied with them and either revert to traditional cigarettes or upgrade to a better device.

Other kits use different types of chargers that use a USB plug but cannot be plugged into standard USB outlets and require a special wall adapter to always be used with the charger. All of our USB chargers use standard USB power to charge. We only recommend using a charger you received from AVAIL as there are other chargers that the battery may attach to, but they may not correctly charge the battery. We cannot warranty any issue caused by a 3rd party charger.

Here is a list of what the different flashes on your device indicate: 5 flashes: turning on or turning off. 15 flashes: the battery is dead and needs to be recharged. 3 flashes: a short circuit is detected. Replacing the atomizer head should correct this issue. However, if the battery still displays this with nothing attached, there is a problem with the battery.

Those devices are 'mods.' There are mechanical mods, and there are advanced mods. These devices are meant for experienced users, and are usually purchased by people that turn vaping into a hobby, and enjoy tinkering. Essentially, you can customize your vaping experience to improve flavor, vapor production, and throat hit.

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