Become an AVAIL
Brand Ambassador!

Passion, innovation, and quality are three core objectives that encompass our mission at AVAIL Vapor. If selected for this program, you will be apart of the market-leading company for e-liquid and vaping technology.

What’s in it for me?

By becoming an AVAIL Brand Ambassador, you will gain skills and strategies that can be implemented in all aspects of your life.

  • Build your resume: by working with a large organization that is a market leader. You can include all of your experiences on your resume and use this to propel your career!
  • Grow your leadership presence: by leading your sector of the brand, you are the point of contact and have the power to grow a company while gaining leadership experience.
  • Improve your public speaking: being able to be comfortable while speaking to new people, large and small groups, as well as people from all backgrounds will help you in your personal and professional life.
  • Learn strategic marketing knowledge: the skills you will learn and develop through this journey will give you a better understanding of how marketing fits in any business structure.
  • Build your personal brand: with an established company backing your efforts, you will be able to attain credible marketing experience.

Look What You
Can Earn!

Level 1

$300 in Sales

  • AVAIL High Sierra Backpack
  • AVAIL Fleece Pullover

Level 2

$500 in Sales

  • One Free Device Upgrade
  • Mod
  • Tank
  • Pack of Coils
  • Pack of Batteries

Level 3

$1000 in Sales

  • AVAIL Yeti Roadie Cooler
  • AVAIL Yeti Bluetooth Speaker

Asked Questions

Q: Is this an internship program?

A: The Brand Ambassador program is not an internship but an opportunity to grow along with us. This is a great way to gain experience in marketing and networking. In the future, it could turn into an internship or a position with our company depending on your performance and our needs at the time.

Q: Am I an employee of AVAIL Vapor?

A: You are not an employee of AVAIL vapor but you are our partner out in the field. You will be representing our brand and growing sales.

Q: Is there compensation?

A: While this isn’t a paid opportunity, you will be presented with discounts, gear, devices, e-liquid and other items. There is a semester goal chart that will show you what you can earn at different sales levels. Also, the experience in itself is the key to success in your current and future ventures.

Q: How does the hiring process work?

A: Once you apply, we will review your application and if selected, you will be contacted for an initial phone interview. From there, we will have some more steps to get to know you and vice versa.

Q: What is the desired commitment?

A: This is completely dependent on your level of involvement. We require you devote at least 3 hours per week towards the program. We are looking for ambassadors that will stay active and involved in their community.

Q: Will I have support?

A: Of course! We will be your partners; the yin to your yang. You have the help of corporate resources as well as the support from your local AVAIL retail location.

Q: If accepted, how does this work?

A: If selected as a brand ambassador, you will receive a welcome kit with everything you need including marketing materials, talking points, gear, discounts, coupons and much more!

Q: Do I have to be enrolled in school to do this?

A: Yes. It is important for you to be involved in a close-knit community where you stay in constant contact with your peers.

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