Battery Safety Warning

FDA Battery Safety Tips and Warnings

  • Do not crush.
  • Do not short batteries.
  • Always store and transport batteries in a protective case when not in use.
  • Never carry loose batteries in pockets or bags.
  • Do not expose batteries to hot or cold temperatures.
  • Do not use battery if wrapper is torn or damaged.
  • Do not use battery if it has been damaged.
  • Only use chargers designed for the battery type.
  • Only use batteries from reputable manufacturers.
  • Do not dispose of in fire or trash. Please recycle in accordance with local laws.
  • Use of regulated mods is highly recommended.
  • Replace batteries regularly.
  • Only use batteries within their correct amperage range.
  • Use of mechanical mods should be limited to those with a proper understanding of electricity.
  • AVAIL Vapor shall not be held liable for anyone using mechanical mods with any products we sell.
  • When a device requires more than one battery, batteries should be bought in sets and only used together.
  • Charge sets of batteries together and rotate the position of them in the mod when replacing.