AVAIL's Advanced Device and Hardware Safety Protocol

Mechanical mods and rebuildable atomizers are for advanced users that understand the proper way to set up the product within its safety limitations, and take the proper steps to avoid and correct potential issues that may arise. The user must be vigilant to any warning signs of potential issue.

Mechanical mods do not have any protection built into the device. This means that the mod will not shut off automatically if the battery is undercharged, overcharged, has too high of an amp draw, or if the device has a short, by way of itself or attached tank/atomizer. Only IMR and INR batteries, with adequate amperage limits, should be used in a mechanical mod. Drawing too high of an amperage from a battery can result in damage to the battery and/or device and may result in personal injury.

Any atomizer or tank that does not have a hard, fixed, non-adjustable positive center pin should not be used on a mechanical mod, including, but not limited to, most ‘sub ohm’ tanks. Rebuildable atomizers are only as safe as the build the user installs. When building the user MUST meter the final build with an ohm meter and use Ohm’s Law to ensure they are not using more amperage than their battery can safely deliver constantly. If a build is too low of a resistance it will draw too much amperage from the battery and cause damage to the battery, mod, or atomizer and may cause injury to the user.

First and foremost please exercise caution when using any DIY rebuildable product and use them properly to insure safe and enjoyable performance.